The Yellow Leaves (2008)

A miscellany

Book Description

In these original essays, short stories, and poems, the beloved Frederick Buechner reflects on the moments of transcendence in the midst of his daily existence. In a myriad of commonplace activities, he finds the presence of the divine, and he elegantly describes these persons, events, and observations, nimbly transporting readers into these realities. With his masterly crafted prose, Buechner edifies, inspires, and offers a timeless model for approaching our human experience.


"Before there was Rob Bell, Anne Lamott and Brian McLaren, there was—and still is—Frederick Buechner. Frederick Buechner was—and remains—a pioneer in spiritual memoir."
— David Crumm, Editor of

"Heartbreaking, sardonic, whimsical, elegiac, crazy-funny: this is a book to be sipped like a rare wine, the last bottle of a fabled vintage, brought up from the cellar for our delectation."
— John Wilson, editor Books & Culture

"Here, yet again, is Fred with his compelling talent for storytelling, his artistry with image and phrase, and his cunning sense of depth and hiddenness in the ordinary. The tales he tells of mother and Johnny and presidents and aunts will be echoed in our laughing and our weeping."
— Walter Bruggemann

"This book is cause for rejoicing. Buechner’s remarkable way with words continues. From presidents to teachers, from famous folk to family, Buechner’s subjects become poignant portraits that bespeak his artful attentiveness. Ranging from memoir to short story, from book review to poetry, this book will be good company for longtime Buechner readers and a revelation to those just arriving."
— W. Dale Brown