Buechner's Writings

Resources for Life’s Challenges

Buechner’s writings have served to help people through a wide variety of life’s challenges. Many of Buechner’s books deal with the harsh realities of life, including failure, suicide, isolation, death, adultery, guilt, hatred, and many others. Through this they have served as beacons of hope that provide comfort, insight, and understanding that none of us is alone in our struggle. On this website we have a number of resources to explore Buechner’s writings.

  • Theme Pages – We have profiled seven of Buechner’s key themes and developed a web page for each. Each page goes into greater depth on one specific theme and includes examples of passages that deal with that theme. One example is Hope Through Grace.

  • Quote-of-the-Day – Mr. Buechner’s profound statements have provided healing and inspiration for many. We can provide you with one of his helpful and insightful quotes each day, delivered via email, Twitter, Facebook, or other avenues.

  • Audio and Video recordings – Hear and see Buechner delivering many of his sermons.

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