A Room Called Remember (1984)

Book Description

A Room Called Remember brings together some of Buechner's finest writings on faith, love, and the power of words in the form of essays, addresses, and sermons. Here Buechner explores autobiography as theology, offers exhilarating reflections on biblical passages, and leads us into the "room called Remember," that "still room within us all where the past lives on as part of the present…where with patience, with clarity, with quietness of heart, we remember consciously to remember the lives we have lived." […] Best to be honest about it - the book is a grab bag...I tried to speak the truth in them in the sense of being as true as I could to my own experience of truth, and to direct them as accurately as I knew how toward that longing for truth that I think is a deep part of all of us even at our most jaded. Although many of them were addressed one way or another to presumed believers, I tried never to presume too much. Even at our most believing, I think, we have our serious reservations just as even at our most unbelieving we tend to cast a wistful glance over our shoulders."
— Frederick Buechner in the Preface to A Room Called Remember

"...the text of a speech "The Speaking and Writing of Words," ...summarizes core elements of Buechner's theory of language." - W. Dale Brown, The Book of Buechner


"[Buechner is] one of our most original storytellers…[His] reader…feels as if he is being addressed in an extraordinarily personal way.  Intimate, dignified and wryly humorous, Buechner’s voice turns us into listeners."
USA Today

"No one is better than Buechner at intertwining the stuff of faith, the gritty details of life ‘in the real world,’ and the witness of personal quest."
Presbyterian Survey

"[Buechner’s] magnificent command of the English language will enlighten and enthrall."
Bookstore Journal