Buechner 101 (2014)

Essays and Sermons by Frederick Buechner

Book Description

Buechner 101 introduces critically-acclaimed and widely-admired author Frederick Buechner to a new generation of readers, many of whom already know of him from widely shared quotes on social media. Published by The Frederick Buechner Center, and curated by Anne Lamott, the volume samples his essays, sermons, and excerpts from memoirs and novels. The book also features tributes by admirers such as Lamott, Barbara Brown Taylor, and Brian McLaren. One of the most important writer-theologians of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Buechner is an ordained Presbyterian minister and a Pulitzer-nominated writers’ writer. 


"If Frederick Buechner subordinated his nature and chose to write on naughts and nothings, he would still exalt his readers. When he is in representative harmony and writes of the accessibility of God to humanity and of humanity's agreement with its potential divinity, we, the readers, are lifted up, buoyed up, and promised wholeness."
The Lutheran

"Frederick Buechner brings the reader to his knees, sometimes in laughter, sometimes in an astonishment very close to prayer, and at the best of times in a combination of both."
The New York Times Book Review

"You've likely heard of Frederick Buechner. His devotees speak of him with held breath and wide eyes (myself included.) What's all the fuss? Here's your chance to find out. This is a marvelous introduction to his expansive worldview, his startling insights, his fluid river-like prose. But let me warn you. You'll be swept underground, to caves and cisterns of faith and questioning and beauty you didn't even know existed. And you'll run out to buy his books. "
— Leslie Leyland Fields

"Read "101" and you will want to read all of Buechner's books. Timeless. Transparent. Transforming. With a singular insight and clarity, Buechner expounds on all the things you wished you'd heard in church."
— Amazon Customer