Secrets in the Dark (2006)

A Life in Sermons

Book Description

Frederick Buechner has long been a kindred spirit to those who find elements of doubt as constant companions on their journey of faith. He is a passionate writer and preacher who can alter lives with a simple phrase. Buechner's words, both written and spoken, have the power to revolutionize and revitalize belief and faith. He reveals the presence of God in the midst of daily life. He faces and embraces difficult questions and doubt as essential components of our lives, rather than as enemies that destroy us. "Listen to your life!" is his clarion call. This theme pervades this definitive collection of sermons, delivered throughout Buechner's lifetime. Presented chronologically, they provide a clear picture of the development of his theology and thinking. Reflecting Buechner's exquisite gift for storytelling and his compassionate pastor's heart, Secrets in the Dark will inspire laughter, hope, and bring great solace. Turn the pages and rediscover what it means to be thoughtful about faith. See why this renowned writer has been quoted in countless pulpits and beloved by Americans for generations. "...if you practice enough writing and preaching, and if you are blessed with extraordinary natural aptitudes from the start, you have the chance of spiraling into greatness. You may even excel beyond that and become a Frederick Buechner. I have no desire to analyze what makes Buechner's writing and preaching so extraordinary. Neither do I want to account for Bob Dylan's raspy mystique, the peculiar beauty of a rainbow trout in a riffle, or a thunderstorm's magnetic terror. I simply want to enjoy them. They all knock me out of analysis and smack me clear into pleasure and awe."
— Brian McLaren in the Foreword to Secrets in the Dark


"Brilliant…overflowing with images and questions and honesty and insights that will haunt you for days."
— Rob Bell

"In the beginning, we’re told, was the word.  Every once in a while someone shows up on the planet who is word-obsessed and word-gifted; and the light and darkness get named again.  In our day, that someone is Buechner."
— John Ortberg

"Buechner uses words with such transformative power that any comment on them is like the moon palely reflecting the sun."
— Walter Brueggemann

"I’ve been reading Buechner since 1982.  Here’s what I’ve learned: when you need a fresh look at sleep-worn thought, a dare to rethink what you thought you knew, an honest glimpse into an honest heart—read Frederick Buechner."
— Max Lucado

"Buechner is one of our best worker of words. Now, in this fine collection, we’ve got the best of Buechner.  Here is the word made wondrous."
— William H. Willimon

"A poignant, practical, deeply philosophical, and powerful work. Highly recommended."
Library Journal

"An elegant and life-giving memoir."
Publishers Weekly

"One of the most insightful spiritual writers of our age...a must for Buechner’s many fans."
Kansas City Star

"Buechner eloquently explores the beauty of language, the joy and pain of being human, and the hope of the Gospel."
Houston Chronicle

"This collection of sermons will refresh your soul. I highly recommend this book for your enjoyment and inspiration."
Canadian Mennonite

"The topography of Buechner’s world is beautifully mapped by this set of self-revealing sermons and essays."
— J. I. Packer

"He has the rare gift of taking biblical text and helping us to see a completely new way."
Lexington Herald Leader

"...his work is a Buechner’s storytelling abilities and eye for detail are at their best." — The Lutheran

"For the uninitiated, this volume is the perfect entrée to Buechner’s writing. He eloquently explores the beauty of language, the joy and pain of being human, the darkness found in human experience and the Bible, and the hope of the Gospel…Buechner helps us open our eyes, ears, and hearts to see the world and God in it. He teaches us to delight in the mysteriousness of truth."
Dallas Morning News

"Buechner’s gift is a rendering of life into delicate truths."
The Oregonian