The Faces of Jesus (1974)

A Life Story

Book Description

With timeless insight, Frederick Buechner introduces us to the Jesus of the Gospel. The old, old story begins to ring new as Buechner revisits the ancient stories and shows us different aspects of the face of Jesus. Here we see the story behind the story. The story which we are invited into. Our story. Frederick Buechner retells the stories of the Gospels and reminds us that to see Jesus afresh is to be changed and challenged and to be put back on our feet. The Faces of Jesus is a distinctive and warmhearted look at this person, this God, this teacher, this wanderer, this man of suffering. The Faces of Jesus (originally published by Riverwood Publishers and later by Paraclete Press) was also reprinted, and accompanied by related images and photography, as The Life of Jesus (published by Weathervane Books, a division of Imprint Society, Inc., Distributed by Crown Publishers, Inc. by arrangement with Riverwood Publishers Limited). Excerpts from the text and portions of the illustrations also appeared in Smithsonian Magazine.


"Reading this book is akin to praying with religious art, with Rev. Buechner as a reverent guide to the artist's intent."
— Rachelle Linner, The Catholic Review Online

"...yet another of Mr. Buechner's poetic musings; this time he puts a human face on the gospel events, one that mirrors our own. The prolific Mr. Buechner is a recipient of multiple national book awards. Clearly he has a way with words. He makes familiar New Testament encounters refreshingly vivid, drawing the reader in so closely that we must either gaze in awe or avoid meeting Jesus' eyes altogether."
Dallas New Religion