Peculiar Treasures (1979)

A Biblical Who's Who

Book Description

In this second book of his popular lexical trilogy, Frederick Buechner profiles more than 125 of the Bible's most holy and profane people—and one whale. In his lively and witty prose, Buechner brings to life such moments from scripture as Adam's pangs of regret for a remembered Eden, Delilah's last glimpse of Samson as they dragged him away, and Lazarus's first impressions upon rising from the dead.

To read Peculiar Treasures is to realize that many of these legendary figures are not who we thought they were. But they are —in their human dreams,ambitions, and imperfections—very much like us.


"A fresh perception of the biblical stories with razor-edged humor in such a manner as to bring them alive to modern readers."
Theology Today

"The entries from Peculiar Treasures that got the most play...were no doubt those treating Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac.  Musicians like Michael Card and Daniel Amos wrote songs based on the humor and contemporary themes Buechner finds."
W. Dale Brown, The Book of Buechner