The Christmas Tide

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From the publisher: From the author of Godric (nominated for the Pulitzer Prize), Brendan, and The Book of Bebb comes this brilliant tale of growing up in Depression-ear America. One of today's finest writers, Frederick Buechner blends sharp perception and deep insight into a powerful tale of one family's struggle for unity and love during hard times. Through the poignant beauty of a child's voice, Buechner describes the joys and sorrows of the Schroeder family as they contend with personal calamity and the disastrous events of the Great Depression. "This is a story about Teddy Schroeder and his sister Bean," writes Buechner, "and about some things that happened when they were children. It is mostly a true story. Teddy was grown up when many years later he finally told it. He told it as clearly and simply as he would tell something to a child - either to a real child or to a child like the one who he felt was holed up inside his grown-up self with a lot of unsolved mysteries. He told it because it helped that child inside himself solve at least some of those mysteries at long last and because - who knows? - maybe it would clear up a few things for other grown-up children too." Achingly beautiful and richly nostalgic, this narrative of memory and healing will speak straight to the heart. The Christmas Tide is a reissue of an earlier Buechner book entitled The Wizard's Tide.


"This daring, graceful little book is a powerful profession of faith." – Detroit Free Press

"Plainly told, gently nuanced, the story has appeal for those who believe in the healing power of memory." -- Publisher's Weekly

"[He] has been one of our most celebrated storytellers." -- USA Today

"The Wizard’s Tide is often grouped with Buechner’s novels, but that is a problematic classification, since the short book is so directly autobiographical….  The Wizard’s Tide is a novel infused by memoir, or is it nonfiction infused by fiction? … The book is, as he labels it, “A Story,” but it is decidedly his own story, a thinly veiled revisiting of Buechner’s own childhood… The Wizard’s Tide is another take on the central event of Buechner’s life, his father’s suicide." - W. Dale Brown, The Book of Buechner

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