Herman Redpath

In honor of Native American Heritage Day, here is Leo Bebb's description of Herman Redpath, originally from Lion Country and later in The Book of Bebb.


"Antonio," he said, ""I think that maybe the Kingdom has come at last. It is possible that Gabriel is finally getting ready to blow his horn. I've been to Texas. I just got back from Houston a couple of hours ago while you were fast asleep here in the Salamander Motel, and, Antonio, let me tell you Texas is not only a big state but Texas has got some big men in it. Ever heard of Herman Redpath? Red as in red and path as in path. Redpath. He says it's an Indian name, and he's got lots of Indian blood in him. You can see it right off. You could put his face on the head of a nickel and nobody'd hardly know the difference. Herman Redpath is a big man from a big state. And you talk about your Christians, why, he's-"" I had forgotten about his habit of interrupting himself as he did here, looking out pop-eyed and intent into the empty room as if I'd been sitting right there On the bed beside him. ""Antonio, that Herman Redpath is what I call a Christian. The Lord doesn't make them much like that any more. Why, all that man thinks about is giving. I doubt he even gets out of bed in the morning without he gives somebody something first just to get warmed up. I don't see how he's got anything left to call his own, except the more he gives away, the more he gets. That Herman Redpath," Bebb said, holding up one finger, and that eye, that marvelous, lazy eye, flickering shut for a moment and then opening again, "he is the givingest . Christian it has ever been my privilege to meet. He is a blessing, that man. He is a light unto the gentiles."