THERE IS NO SPECIAL WORD for people who have never fallen in love, or had major surgery, or learned how to swim, but virginity is the special word for people who have never had sex with another human being. They have heard about it. The chances are they have dreamed about it. If they are honest, they will probably admit there have been times when they have come close to it. But for one reason or another, they have never given it a try.

In the old days virgins were considered purer and holier than other people. In our day they are apt to be snickered at. The plain truth of the matter is that they are simply people who for one reason or another have never set forth on one of life's great adventures. Who knows where the adventure might lead them? Who can predict the dangers and delights along the way? Who can foresee the endless consequences?

Maybe uncertainties like those are among the reasons why virgins hold on to their virginity. And who can foresee the consequences of that either? 

-Originally published in Beyond Words

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