An Exclusive Possession or a Good Obsession?

by Brian D. McLaren, author of Naked Spirituality and many other books
It's surprising in some ways that Frederick Buechner was a popular writer among the Evangelical pastors with whom I flocked for two-and-a-half decades of my life. Any author who might be labeled "liberal" or "mainline" would normally be avoided by us ... but a few, like Walter Brueggemann, Barbara Brown Taylor, and Fred Buechner - somehow flew under or over our evangelical radar. Maybe the undeniable richness of his writing somehow calmed our normal theological skittishness. Or maybe we sensed that Fred's writing had a deeply evangelical flavor, in the best sense of the word, so we trusted it.
When I try to identify what it was that first attracted me in his work, I keep coming back to this: in those days I saw my faith as an exclusive...

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In addition to inspiring Christians around the world, Buechner’s writings have served to help people through a wide variety of life’s challenges. Many of Buechner’s books deal with the harsh realities of life, including failure, suicide, isolation, death, adultery, guilt, hatred, and many others. Through this they have served as beacons of hope that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not another train! Learn more how you can help others here.


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What Others Have To Say

"I’ve been reading Buechner since 1982. Here’s what I’ve learned: when you need a fresh look at sleep-worn thought, a dare to rethink what you thought you knew, an honest glimpse into an honest heart – read Frederick Buechner."

"In the beginning, we’re told, was the word. Every once in a while someone shows up on the planet who is word-obsessed and word-gifted; and the light and darkness get named again. In our day, that someone is Buechner."

"When I forget the power of the word, I read Frederick Buechner. When I forget the deep relief of telling the truth, I read Frederick Buechner. When I forget to look for the holiness all around me, I read Frederick Buechner. When I forget why the gospel matters, I read Frederick Buechner."

"Buechner's words, both written and spoken, have the power to revolutionize and revitalize belief and faith. He reveals the presence of God in the midst of daily life. He faces and embraces difficult questions and doubt as essential components of our lives, rather than as enemies that destroy us."

"At my church's Bible Study each week, there is always a special moment when each of us who have a copy of Buechner's book rejoice in sharing his writings to all. We always leave filled with His word and a smile on our faces!"

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